What Britain’s political parties are saying on grouse moor reform

Each of Britain’s main political parties are united in recognising the need for greater regulation of grouse moors, but the difference is details of how far regulation should reach.


Introduced a law to restrict grouse moor burning on protected sites to safeguard peatlands from being further degraded.

The government is currently reviewing the effectiveness of existing wildlife crime laws and examining the case to outlaw snaring and lead ammunition. It also recently announced that mountain hares will be awarded full legal protection from being killed on England’s grouse moors.

Subsidies claimed by grouse moor estates for performing intensive management practices are being phased out by the government following the UK leaving the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.


Propose that grouse moor licensing is introduced in England to help eliminate bird of prey persecution, protect peatlands and migrate the uplands to a healthy and functioning environment.

Back a complete ban on burning, snaring and support the introduction of laws to provide full legal protection for mountain hares.

Scottish National Party (SNP)

Have committed to introducing grouse moor licensing in Scotland, with a framework currently being developed to take forward the policy.

Mountain hare culling has been outlawed by the SNP and it is currently considering means to legislate to end burning on peatlands.

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