Luke Steele LLB (Hons), LLM is reading towards a PhD in regulatory reform of the British uplands.

Luke specialises in regulation and policy for protecting and restoring Britain’s upland environment to maximise the delivery of biodiversity, carbon storage, flood prevention and other public goods.

The hills, valleys, moors and mountains which form the British uplands are an iconic part of the national landscape — representing approximately 40% of the country’s total landmass.

Ensuring regulation conserves the upland environment matters. It matters because an intensive programme of burning, draining and illegal wildlife persecution lasting many decades has caused Britain’s uplands to become
severely degraded. These carbon-rich habitats are drying up and wildlife and communities have been left vulnerable to climate change. By addressing this crucial environmental challenge the uplands can regenerate exceptional habitats and unique birds, mammals and plants, as well as facilitate climate solutions and innovation through peatlands being used for carbon capture, improving water quality and the protection of communities vulnerable to flooding.

Prior to reading towards a PhD, Luke completed an LLM in Natural Resources & Environmental Law, specialising in environmental regulation of intensive land management practices. His studies culminated in him being awarded a distinction for his thesis entitled ‘Analysing the effectiveness of current regulation for protecting and enhancing northern England’s upland environment’.

Having worked with some of the UK’s leading animal welfare organisations, Luke has built up a wealth of knowledge in professional and grassroots environmental advocacy. He has been behind a number of landmark corporate and public policy moves, including unlocking over 5,000 hectares of moorland from grouse shooting for the conservation of wildlife and habitats, and the introduction of mandatory CCTV in English abattoirs, having won the support of the Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

Luke regularly offers research, commentary and analysis on upland conservation in the national and regional media including The Times, The Guardian, Yorkshire Post and BBC News.

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