Luke Steele, LLB (Hons) is reading towards a Masters Degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Law.

His research focuses on developing a utilitarian-based land ethic for the British uplands, through regulation, effective incentives and natural personhood, to maximise biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Re-shaping the way the uplands are managed matters. It matters because an area of Northern England’s upland landscape the size of Greater London is intensively managed for grouse shooting, resulting in native wildlife being driven out and vulnerable habitats degraded. By addressing this environmental injustice the uplands can re-establish exceptional habitats and unique birds, mammals and plants, and safeguard peat for carbon capture, water quality and protection of communities vulnerable to flooding.

Having worked with some of the UK’s leading animal protection organisations, Luke has built up a wealth of experience in both professional and grassroots environmental advocacy. He has been behind a number of key corporate and government policy moves, including unlocking over 5,000 hectares of moorland from grouse shooting for conservation of wildlife and habitats, and the introduction of mandatory CCTV in English slaughterhouses, having won the support of the Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

Luke regularly offers research, commentary and analysis on upland conservation and game shooting in the national and regional media including the Times, the Guardian, Yorkshire Post and BBC News.

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